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Welcome to The Speech Bubble

We are an independent therapy practice that has been successfully providing speech and language therapy services to primary schools, special schools and pre-school settings since 2003.

We offer direct access to a reliable and dedicated team of experienced therapists, an immediate start, and a modern, flexible and proven approach. We work with maintained and independent schools and pre-schools, as well as directly with Local Authorities and the NHS.

If your school is having difficulty finding dependable speech therapy services, then get in touch with us now and find out how we can help you.

Why Choose The Speech Bubble?

  • Expertise in establishing and developing a successful Speech and Language Therapy service in a school setting
  • Immediate and direct access to a dedicated and highly experienced team of Speech Therapists
  • Development of tailored programmes of therapy to match your specific needs, not somebody else’s
  • Experience in working collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams of healthcare and education professionals
  • Holistic approach encourages a transfer of skills to staff so the needs of your pupils are better met across the curriculum
  • Reliable therapy delivered where it is most effective, both within the school and by conducting domiciliary visits
  • No referral limits and no waiting lists